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PEM Bond & Die Inspection

-Laser Decapsulation

-Nitric & Sulfuric Acid Etch

-Cu Wire Inspection

-Metallization Inspection

-Bond Pull & Die Shear


ORS’ High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection (HSHLD®) method is now DLA APPROVED

  • Compliant to Mil-Std 750-A1 Method 1071 Condition H1, H2 and H3

  • Compliant to Mil-Std 883K Method 1014
    Condition A1, A2 and A5
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    Moisture & Gas Analysis of Hermetic Package Volumes as Small as 1nl

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    "As we begin our fifth decade, ORS pledges to continue to provide uncompromising analytical services to our clients...those people whose daily work redefines the leading edge of technology."
    – Thomas Rossiter, President

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    Complete & Comprehensive Analytical Services

  • Destructive Physical Analysis
  • Construction Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
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    Industries We Serve


    Oneida Research Services has proven analytical experience working with the aerospace industry ensuring compliance to AS9100 standards.


    Our experienced staff applies 40+ years of knowledge to help improve airbag sensors, pressure monitors and other hybrid control modules.


    ORS has been a DLA suitable laboratory for 35 years. As a trusted partner in the industry, ORS has helped to write and improve the test standards and has a clear understanding of the responsibilities your company faces in meeting the Military Standards.

    Medical Device Manufacturing

    Oneida Research Services provides critical validated testing for medical device manufacturers. We work with manufacturers to create a test plan suited for pacemakers, cochlear implants and other implantable devices.


    ORS has led the way in meeting the analytical testing requirements of the Microelectronic Industry. Our large array of test services provides for a full analysis of MEMS, discrete semiconductor, microcircuit and hybrid electronic devices.


    ORS provides extensive testing services per Telcordia and Mil-Std methods to meet the long term reliability requirements for pump modules, TOSA’s, ROSA’s and other communication modules.