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Oneida Research Services, Inc. (ORS) provides analytical testing services to support the microelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense industries. Our specialties include RGA testing, hermeticity testing, environmental testing, mechanical testing, materials and surface analysis, and component analysis. Based in the central New York town of Whitesboro, ORS has been providing advanced testing services to a wide range of industries for 40 years, with a focus on research, development and quality control for our client’s products.

Our Testing Services and Products

Companies come to Oneida Research Services because of the wide range of specialized services that we offer, with a focus on materials, environmental and microelectronics testing. Our specialized laboratory testing is useful in product development, research, prototyping and quality control across a wide range of industries.

Industries We Serve

We offer specialized testing to laboratories in the microelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, medical and defense industries. We have been the go-to source for laboratory testing for these industries and more for over 40 years, and we are always expanding our service offerings to bring the most comprehensive, most advanced testing services to our clients.

  • Aviation

    Oneida Research Services has proven analytical experience working with the aerospace industry ensuring compliance to Military standards.

  • Automotive

    Our experienced staff applies 40+ years of knowledge to help improve airbag sensors, pressure monitors and other hybrid control modules.

  • Defense

    ORS Inc. has been a DLA suitable lab for 35 years. As a trusted partner in the industry, ORS has helped to write and improve testing standards and has a clear understanding of the responsibilities companies face in meeting military standards.

  • Medical Device Manufacturing

    Oneida Research Services provides critical validation testing for medical device manufacturers. We work with manufacturers to create a test plan suitable for the medical industry.

  • Microelectronics

    ORS Inc. has led the way in meeting the analytical testing requirements of the Microelectronic Industry. Our large array of test services provides for a full analysis of MEMS, discrete semiconductor, microcircuit and hybrid electronic devices.

  • Telecommunications

    Oneida Research Services provides extensive testing services per Telcordia and Mil-Std methods to meet the long-term reliability requirements for pump modules, TOSA’s, ROSA’s and other communication modules.

Request an HSHLD® Demo or Follow-Up Call

Our HSHLD® system exceeds the most stringent requirements for measuring leak rates of helium and most other gases. Testing can be performed at ORS or in-house at your facility by purchasing a system. Let us show you how easy it is!

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