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Oneida Research Services Offers Specialized Laboratory Testing to Support the Microelectronics, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Defense Industries.

Testing Services

*ORS has been granted Laboratory Suitability to perform testing on military devices per the test requirements found in Mil Std 750 and/or Mild Std 883.
Please review our DLA Suitability Letters: New York Office:Suitability Letter, Colorado Office: Suitability Letter, European Headquarters: Suitability Letter for further information.

Mechanical, Environmental and Electrical Testing
External Visual Inspection*
Internal Visual Inspection*
Sub-micron Real Time X-ray*
High Resolution Film X-ray*
SEM Metallization Inspection*
Glassivation Layer Integrity
Particle Impact Noise Detection*
Bond Strength*
Ball Shear Strength
Die Shear Strength*
DC I.V. Curve Tracing
Temperature Cycling*
Damp Heat Storage
High Temperature Storage
Low Temperature Storage
Solder Reflow/Moisture Sensitivity Testing

Package Gas Analysis (RGA)
Internal Vapor Analysis* (IVA®)
High-Resolution IVA®* (HR-IVA®)
Gas Analysis of Sealing Chamber Atmosphere
(Sampling Cylinder Rentals Available)
Material Outgassing Studies
Residual Solvents

 X-Ray Inspection
Sub-micron Real Time X-ray*
Computed Topography 3D X-Ray

Scanning Electron Microscopy and Surface Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
High Resolution Field Emission SEM (FeSEM)
Robinson Backscattered Electron Imaging (BSE)

Wafer Lot Acceptance Testing*
Glassivation Thickness
Metallization Thickness
Wafer Thickness
Die Back Metallization
Via Metallization
SEM Metallization Inspection*

Optical Microscopy
Digital Microscopy
Fluorescence Microscopy
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)

Component Analysis
Destructive Physical Analysis*
Construction Analysis
Failure Analysis
Internal Vapor Analysis* (IVA®)

Hermeticity Testing
Helium Fine/Gross Leak Testing*
Krypton 85 Leak Testing*
Dye Penetrant
Dye Impregnation
Helium Sniff Test
Leak Site Identification

Materials and Surface Analysis
Micro-Fourier Transform Infrared
Spectroscopy (Micro-FTIR)
Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS)
XRF Elemental Analysis

Organic Mass Spectrometry
Chemical Analysis
Material Outgassing
Static Headspace GC/MS
Residual Solvents
Contamination Analysis

Sample Preparation
Nitric and Sulfuric Decapsulation
Wet or Plasma Etch Deglassivation
Micro Cross-Sectioning
Ion Milling

Consulting Services
RGA Data Interpretation
Hermetic Package Analysis
Hydrogen Outgassing
Process Control
Component Reliability
Moisture/Corrosion Control