Comparison of INO internal micro-Pirani measurement and ORS’ HR-IVA gas analysis total pressure measurement

Influence of ceramic package internal components on the performance of vacuum sealed uncooled bolometric detectors…

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ORS Commercial Practice for IVA®

The purpose of this test method is to quantitatively measure the relative concentration of the internal vapor content, including water vapor, in gas filled hermetically sealed devices using a mass spectrometry technique….

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Preventing Moisture Failures in Sealed Electronic Devices

Moisture is a pervasive and existential threat to the performance of all microelectronic products.  It can undermine the efficiency and dependability of mission-critical devices in your customers’ systems. In hermetically sealed microelectronic devices, the presence of any moisture, whether evolved from package materials or due to leakage – no matter how small – can cause component failure or malfunction.

Ensuring Component Integrity with Shock and Vibration Testing

ORS understands the value of building high-integrity products that deliver on their promises and withstand reasonable impact. That’s why we offer a full range of testing services, including standard mechanical shock and random vibration tests. After all, a quality product is one that’s been thoroughly vetted.

ORS Acquires New Analytical Testing Equipment

As part of its ongoing commitment to offering state-of-the-art analytical testing services, ORS has acquired two new pieces of advanced laboratory testing equipment including:

– X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Bench Top System a P series Bowman Model # BA-100
– OKOS VUE 250-P Scanning Acoustic Microscope
Custom system, bench top unit designed to handle full JEDEC tray submissions.